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Traveling On Down to San Andreas

I'm done with car chases, zombie apocalypses, gang wars, and the like. If a movie wants to thrill me, it'll have to give me something completely unexpected. Say, earthquakes, perhaps? That's what I loved about "San Andreas." It gave me a new thrill which, truth be told, hasn't been shoved in our faces yet: natural calamities. 

What's so thrilling about movies like "San Andreas" is that everything that happens is completely plausible. The world is scary enough as it is, we don't need zombies, aliens, and whatever monster out there to make it worse. If we don't take good care of it, our planet will eat us up and there will be nothing we can do to stop it! That's the kind of 'horror' and 'thriller' I want to watch nowadays. And I got so excited for "San Andreas" that I went and got myself a ticket to the red carpet premiere. 

Immediately, the moment the stars started showing up, I thought, "Damn, Dwayne Johnson really is a badass!" As the lead, I knew he was going all heroic in the movie, but in real life? He's a mountain of a man! A true natural wonder if I do say so myself! I've been watching him since his WWE days as "The Rock" and he really does have that innate charisma that draws you in. And he's so big, he's intimidating! I swear! I almost peed my pants when he was right in front of me and I asked for his autograph. How can one person be that huge!? 

But you know what? Johnson's also a good guy. I don't care what tabloids and his past wrestling persona made him out to be. When I saw and met him in person, I could tell that he was nice, kind, and personable. The way he interacted with fans and how generous he was with his autographs when signing my posters—they all sealed the deal for me! 


Oh, and just so you know, I got the rest of the cast's autographs too! Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario both looked stunning! They're not exactly the most famous actresses in Hollywood right now but when it comes to beauty, they're there by the top! Especially Daddario! Damn, this girl is stunning! That night, she wore a red dress with red lipstick and against her extremely pale skin and dark hair, she looked like a fairy. Or a vampire! Just otherworldly! 

Another beautiful specimen was Colton Haynes. The fangirls around me were squealing like little piggies at the sight of him. I do find it kinda funny that he wore a pink suit at the premiere that night and a year later, he came out as gay and it everyone's minds! I myself didn't know it then too but perhaps he was saying something with his choice of color? Lol! Either way, the guy is handsome! I mean, wow! I'm not a fangirl of his but I definitely understand why they went gaga over him. And now, the gays too! 

Overall, with a stunning cast and riveting plotline, "San Andreas" gets five out of five stars from me! It's an underrated gem of a disaster movie that everyone should watch! 

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