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Top Spy Movies That are Just as Cool as James Bond

James Bond is the unequivocal king of spy movies. In fact, he essentially gave birth to the genre! His suave charisma, oozing sex appeal, and dangerous moves were a killer combination that made for movie magic. However, he isn't the only spy worth watching on the big screen. There have been multiple who've followed suit that deserves our attention too. And as great as 007 is (regardless of who's playing him), others deserve the limelight too.

And so, here are a few spy films that are just as cool as James Bond. 


Austin Powers

"Why so serious?" as Joker once said. And this is the question that Austin Powers pose to spy film fans. The genre doesn't have to be filled with violence and sex all the time. Sometimes, a little comedy wouldn't hurt. This what Mike Myers's iconic character did. He provided some much-needed chuckles to a movie genre that's become all too serious and a little arrogant. His parody of classic spy films (yes, even Bond was parodied) with the absurdity of the many characters in the films was a recipe for cinematic gold. There are even people out there who now prefer Powers to Bond! How do you like that? 

Charlie’s Angels

Okay, someone needs to tell spy movie audiences that women in this genre don't always have to be sidekicks, damsels-in-distress, or sex objects with horrible names. Well, that's what Charlie's Angels did. In the 1970s, when Bond was making men and women swoon on the big screen, TV was dominated by this femme fatale trio. But in the early 2000s, they finally transitioned onto the movies with three unforgettable leads. Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore will always be some of the best spies, male or female, to ever fight on screen. They had strength, intelligence, and best of all, finesse. What more could you want!? 


Who doesn't like a good film noir? The intrigue, the romance, the costumes, the set—all that scream "Golden Age of Hollywood". And under this sub-category, Allied is the perfect modern film to watch. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard were just riveting as two spies, one of which can't trust the other. Their entangled and twisted romance is the kind that’s not longer that popular but still entertaining nonetheless. Not to mention the highly authentic 1940's period film approach. There was a time when spies weren't just horny and arrogant douchebags, but quiet and mysterious agents who did their job the best way possible, inconspicuously. 

Bourne Series

Though spies usually do all the chasing, it was refreshing watching Matt Damon get chased like an escaped pig in a meat factory in the Bourne series. Much like Bond, this character has also seen a lot of actors play him, but none did it as brilliantly as Damon, the original Jason Bourne. All the intrigue with his real identity and the reason why so many people want to kill him made just about everyone lose their s**t every time! I'd like to see Bond do that! But seriously, if ever they stop making Bond movies (which I don't see happening anytime soon!), there's still Bourne! 

Don’t limit yourself to Bond films when you’re in the mood to watch a spy movie. These amazing flicks are just as good! 

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