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They Don't Make 'Em Like Adele Anymore!

How I wish there were more Adeles in this world. We could use more powerful and genuinely talented singers. As much as I enjoy the dancing pop stars and metal rock bands, oftentimes, just a beautiful voice with a powerful range is enough. In fact, in this day and age, it's more than enough! 

Adele is a true singer and I had the privilege of seeing her perform live in concert in my town. As a theater geek, I live for this songstress. Her voice gives me chills, especially every time she goes for the high notes. And her songs are just as theatrical as her range. I often fantasize that, someday, a broadway producer will make a musical out of her emotional ballads. Similarly to how ABBA songs formed the hit musical. "Mama Mia." It'd be completely awesome if a smart producer will do just that with Adele's songs. And I'm imagining it'd be quite the tear-jerker! 

Back to the concert, I felt as if I was watching a prima donna doing her operatic tour. The likes of Maria Callas or Monserrat Caballe, but in modern times. She's a consummate performer, injecting as much power and emotion into her performance as if it was the first time she was recording it in the studio. At the end of it all, there wasn't a dry eye in that arena. 

Fortunately for fans such as myself, she held a small meet-and-greet right after the concert. I was there with my sister Becca and bestie Gina. We bought posters before the show and wanted her to sign them. But for me, more than just meeting a star, I was about to meet my idol. and quite honestly, I couldn't handle it. I was trembling, feeling more nervous than excited, it took so much out of me to even move forward as our turn kept on getting nearer and nearer. 

And when I finally met her, I lost it. Tears went down my face, I  was blushing hard, and I was so close to hyperventilating. "Are you alright, luv?" she even asked me. To which my sister had to reply for me that I was, indeed, fine. I wouldn't say I embarrassed myself—some were way worse than I was—but I know I could have behaved better. Though I think she's used to it so I'm in the clear! 

Despite all the hoopla, she still signed all of our posters. That's how amazing she is. That no matter how grand and big she's become, she still does everything she can to please her fans. I love her so much and I will never regret becoming her fan! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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