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The Unlikeliest Pair In Movie History

There have been some strange pairings in the movies over the years but "Battleship" takes the cake! Who would've ever thought that the great Liam Neeson would someday act with pop sensation Rihanna? Not me! And yet I still went to the premiere because I know I won't ever get the opportunity to see these two on the same red carpet again. 


It was during the LA premiere of the movie that I got to see both stars, as well as the rest of the cast, in real life. I only really aimed to have only Liam Neeson and Rihanna sign my movie posters (because I thought it'd be hilarious), but I eventually got most of the cast to give me their autographs too! Brooklyn Decker looked so beautiful, like an 80s supermodel or something. Alexander Skarsgård was practically her male version but was also freakishly tall (give it up for the Scandinavians!) And Taylor Kitsch? Just as handsome as ever! 


But then I saw the great Liam Neeson! I've been a fan of his since "Schindler's List" and, of course, I loved him in "Taken" too! He looked as imposing as ever, you can really feel that he's a great man through and through. "Battleship" was definitely not one of his best movies but you can really get a good sense of how accomplished he is just by seeing him in person. And he's so surprisingly nice too! I've always thought he was kinda aloof, at least when meeting fans, but that night, he was far from it! He was more than ready to give me his autograph and even signed most of my posters! What a guy! 


Then, of course, there was Rihanna! At the time, she was one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her albums were selling like crazy and her hit singles were topping the charts. So to find her in a movie with THE Liam Neeson was so unexpected that I went crazy for it! She, too, was surprisingly kind to fans. Well, not surprising, per se, but I was just caught off-guard by how open she is with fans. She was always nice to people, yes, but she was also so comfortable with strangers! I didn't think celebrities of her caliber were like that! 


Anyways, when I got her autograph and it was a done deal! It was one of the best fascinating nights of my life. I met two stars of different industries but of the same caliber of talent and prestige on one red carpet. Had you told me about this earlier, I would have never believed you! Hollywood really is amazing, isn't it? 

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