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The Toughest On-Screen Duo I've Met This 2019!

There have been a lot of badass movies this 2019, but one that really took my breath away was "Black and Blue." It tells the story of a young policewoman who incidentally records a murder, in which corrupt policemen are entangled in, and runs for her life to save the evidence. By that alone, it already sounds thrilling, doesn't it? 

Well, the movie is better than the synopsis, I can tell you that. And it's all because of its main leads: Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson. They were the epitomes of badassery during this movie. The way they escaped the villains, how they shot at them and eventually stood their ground. They were both epic! 

I'm glad Scott's career didn't tank after having been a Bond girl, contrary to that stupid curse. She gave what was, in my opinion, her second-best performance yet. Gibson, on the other hand, shows a slightly different side that's not as evident in the "Fast & Furious" movies. It looks like he can work as a versatile actor after all! 

In all honesty, these stars were even more impressive up close. I went to the movie's red carpet premiere in Atlanta and they were both banging! Scott looked sexy and sophisticated while Gibson was dashing in his suit. They both signed my and my friends' posters and were both even so sweet about it! Who knew their sweetness can turn into pure badass toughness on-screen? 

My friends got the rest of the autograph's cast at the Hollywood premiere. Though I didn't get to meet the other stars, seeing Scott and Gibson back in Atlanta was definitely enough of an experience! 


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