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The Most Star-Studded Red Carpet Premiere I've Ever Been To!

While Old Hollywood got the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy David Jr., we had George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. We're so lucky that these icons are still kicking it to this day. With all due respect to the rising stars today, I don't see anyone following in these legends' footsteps yet. 

They have a certain charisma that's true-blue Hollywood. There's an air about them that's distinguished, debonaire, and deeply attractive. And when you see them all together, it just shows all the more! Just like the old-school Rat Pack, these same leading men starred in a remake of the classic "Ocean" saga. This time, however, the stars were more popular and so in-demand that they eventually released two sequels. And it's the latter one's red carper premiere that I was able to get to. And let me tell you, these actors are the closes we have now of getting back that same Hollywood glory! 

I remember it well. I was there to get my copies of the movie poster signed by the cast. My sister Helen, her husband Dave, and younger cousin George were there to help me. I'm lucky to have a family supportive of my hobby of autograph hounding. But I was even luckier that night because most of the big (and I mean BIG!) stars of that movie eventually signed my posters. And a lot of them signed each and every one! 

As I write this, I remember Brad Pitt the most. But only because my sister first spotted him. And when she did, she let out the loudest scream that I've heard ever coming out of her. Dave even joked, "I can't even get her to make the noise for me in bed!" Funny but inappropriate joke aside, I understood why Helen had that sort of reaction. Pitt really is a gloriously handsome man. And it's not the type of handsome that, as a straight male, I'd get annoyed or jealous by. It's one that I can appreciate seeing in the theaters. 

The same goes for Matt Damon. Seeing him in person, he had a more modest feel to him. Still good-looking, judging by the creams of the ladies beside me, but not as in-your-face as Pitt. They both had incredible charisma though! And speaking of charisma, Clooney's was unchallenged. The moment I saw him on that red carpet, I couldn't help but let out an audible "wow!" Because wow! He really is that Hollywood guy! Not obnoxious, just right to earn my admiration! 

Personally, I enjoyed getting Al Pacino's autograph the most. Only because he's a living legend. I honestly didn't care that he had a small role in this film, the mere fact that Michael Corleone and Tony Montana gave me his autograph floored me! There's never anyone like him before or since! 

So, to the actors who are now becoming the new leading men of the future generation. You have huge shoes to fill! And honestly, right now, it's not even close! 


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