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The Most Badass Patriots Around!

Mark Wahlberg, JK Simmons, and Kevin Bacon all in one film? Now that's a badass cast right there! Never in a million years did I ever predict these three actors will someday star in a movie together. When I heard about it, my autograph hounding senses started tingling, beckoning me to go to the premiere and get their autographs! 


In case you live under a rock, the movie I'm talking about is "Patriot's Day." It's all about the heroes that responded to the Boston Marathon bombing back in 2013. The movie itself premiered three years later. And since I live in Boston, the story and the movie both hold a special place in my heart. The stellar cast was then the cherry on top! 


Having been an autograph hound for a couple of years now, I got used to traveling to LA and New York to attend these sorts of events. This was the only way I'd ever get to meet such stars in person. I didn't mind such a lifestyle and eventually got used to it but it can tire you out. But I didn't care! I was going to get this cast's autographs no matter what! Since the movie was showing at that year's AFI Fest, I asked my connections to pull some strings and before I knew it, I was there in Tinsel Town! 


I also received copies of the movie poster. I figured they'd be the best to ask the cast for their autographs. I didn't need a lot but I brought them all anyway. I planned to just sell the extra copies online. With the stars' autographs, I was sure these would be a goldmine! 


Looking back at that night, it was really special since the movie was all about my hometown. I was so glad they did that story justice. They stayed true to the fact without making it boring that it almost seemed like a documentary. And watching the movie play out, I got, even more, inspired my by beloved Boston! Damn, Hollywood! You really know how to pull the heartstrings, don't you? I got so emotional, I almost forgot my initial mission of hounding for autographs. But when I saw the stars on the red carpet, it came back to me in a snap! 


The great Kevin was the first to notice me. As I expected, the man's a good guy! Personable, down-to-earth, and would gladly sign anything you give him. He had already signed a lot before he got to me yet he still had the energy to write on all of my posters. Not gonna lie, I was moved. I tried to hold back my tears but I think he still noticed how I was about to cry at that moment. So did Mark Whalberg! Now, this was a man I didn't want to act like a wuss in front of! Despite how intimidating he looks, he was pretty gung-ho about signing my posters too! Another good guy! 


Another I'll never forget was the lovely Michelle Monaghan! She is such a beauty! I can't believe she's not as famous as other (*cough* overrated *cough*)actresses! She was impeccable in the film and even more so in real life. And what an angel! She, like the others, also signed all of my posters! Beautiful, inside and out! 


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to JK Simmons but with my friends' help, I eventually got him to sign the posters. Don't ask how! It's a secret of the trade! When I saw that most of the cast signed, I was floored! Thank you, Hollywood! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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