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The Most Attractive Cast For An Animated Movie Ever

I found it so weird that one of the most attractive casts ever assembled was for an animated movie. Sure, it was for "The Addams Family," a great story that has been retold again and again. But seeing the voice cast, the star power it beholds, and how attractive all of them are, I was left wondering why? Why limit these gorgeous actors to just their voices? Oh, Hollywood! 

I went to the red carpet premiere of the movie with a couple of friends to get our copies of the movie poster signed. We initially didn't want to, simply because we were over with the film even before we watched it. "The Addams Family" has been over and done with, so I and my friends didn't really see the point of watching it again. But when we saw how awesome the cast will be, we knew we just had to be there. Charlize Theron? Oscar Isaac? Nick Kroll? Bette Midler? Come on! That's a Mount Rushmore of talent right there! 

When we got there, a lot of people were already there. At first, we thought, "What? Hadn't these people watched the first thousand 'Addams Family' iteration that has been done before!?" Then we remembered who exactly stars in this movie and immediately understood the fanfare. Expectedly, there were a lot of kids, but also teenagers who drooled over Finn Wolfhard. I and my friends, on the other hand, admittedly drooled over Charlize Theron. While my sister, who went along with us, drooled over Oscar Isaac. Yep, my family as great taste! So when all these stars finally arrived, we were all flabbergasted! 

We almost couldn't get them to sign our posters. We were that starstruck! I even remember Charlize Theron giggling at my friend who really couldn't help but stare at her. I admit, I did the same, but I was less obvious. Oscar Isaac, on the other hand, was really smooth. He had swag that, sadly, I can only dream of. The way he winked at my sister, I swear, I thought I would have had to carry her off the area as she was about to faint. As for Finn Wolfhard, though I appreciated his autograph, I just couldn't help but get annoyed at the shrieks of the pre-teens around us. This may have been the last time we'll autograph-hound on an animated movie. 

I still stress that the movie wasted this cast's incredible looks for an animated film. I feel they would have still pulled off looking like the characters just like how Anjelica Houston, Christina Ricci, and the rest of the cast did all those years ago.


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