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The Heart-Wrenching End of an Era

For us Tolkien fans, the premiere of "Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King" was a bittersweet moment. On one hand, we finally get to witness the defeat of the dark lord Sauron. But on the other, there was no longer any movie to anticipate and get excited over. 

My family and I attended the premiere. I was still a teenager then but I already loved Peter Jackson's movies. My dad, from which I inherited my love of reading, was also a Tolkien nerd. He gave me all his books from his youth and I read up all of the wonderful worlds of Middle Earth. It was all a mix of mythology, adventure, and even a little bit of Shakespearean. 

Anyways, I'll never forget that night. Meeting each and every one of the casts of the three movies left me spellbound. I was just starstruck by the lot of them! I'm not gonna lie, I even teared up a little seeing Elijah Wood. He was my hero then! I still respect the guy now, but back then, my golly! He was everything! I'd always imagine I'd be Frodo (who looks like Wood) and would play with any ring I could find. 

Sir Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett also left me starstruck. Though I think that's because they were so damn tall! I don't know their heights, per se, but good lord! Both stunning actors' heights reached for the heavens! And both were extremely eloquent too. It must have been their accents. There's something about English and Australian accents that always left a good impression on me. I always thought I was talking to royalty or something. 

Finally, the Viggo Mortensen—King Aragorn himself— blew me away. He also had an accent, but it was his presence that got me screaming inside. This was frickin' Aragorn, guys! He's the biggest hero in Middle Earth (at least, to me he is!). There's no way he'd pass by me without him signing my posters! 

Ultimately, despite the bittersweet feeling of the "Lord of the Rings" film franchise ending, I still ended the night happy. The movie was amazing and it was a great end to one of the cinema's best trilogies ever! 


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