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"The Boondock Saints" On Screen Again

If there was a duo that I never would have thought I'd see on screen again, it's the "The Boondock Saints." The movie wasn't exactly a huge hit back when it premiered in 1999, but it became a cult classic over the years. Eventually, a decade later, a sequel, "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day," premiered. 


I admit I'm actually part of the cult that has loved "The Boondock Saints" since it premiered. This movie was all action all the way which is how I like it! Director Troy Duffy really did well in making this action-packed masterpiece. And I'm so glad that, over the years, the film finally got the recognition it deserved. Albeit, among a certain number of fans but who cares? As long as people know about it, this movie will live on. Why else would they make a sequel for it?  


Wanting to get the cast's autographs, many of whom returned for the sequel, I bought tickets to its red carpet premiere in LA. I get that hounding for autographs isn't all that easy so I really only aimed for two of them: Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery! The "MacManus Twins" themselves! Back then, "Walking Dead" hadn't premiered yet so Reedus wasn't as big a TV star as he eventually became. Even so, that didn't mean it was easy to get his autograph. I can't tell you how much screaming I did to get his attention that night. I had to compete with fellow fans, photographs, and the media who wanted to interview him. I almost lost all hope! 


But then, out of the blue, who else but Sean Patrick Flanery passed by and I caught his attention. Well, to be honest, he was already signing other people's autographs, and, basically, I was the next in line. However, what was so funny was, even though I meant to get his autograph too, while he was nearby, I was shouting for Norman Reedus. I was so caught up in getting his attention that I didn't realize that the other half of the movie's main duo was already near me. I almost even missed him! Had I not stopped to catch my breath, Flannery would have passed me by and I'd have missed getting his autograph! 


"Man, that's a loud voice you got there," he joked as he signed my copies of the movie poster. Oh, and by movie poster, I meant the original "The Boondocks Saints" movie poster, not that of the sequel. Suave as fuck and charming as hell, Flannery signed most of my posters and then called Reedus over to my area. I was shocked! I didn't expect him to be that good a guy! Truth be told, even though I loved him in the movie, I always thought of Flannery as a typical Hollywood douche! Little did I know, it was thanks to him I got the other cast members' autographs! 


I only really aimed to get most of the original cast members' autographs. At least, those who remained in the movie after the first one in 1999. Some who weren't in the sequel, also attended the premiere so I got them to sign my posters too! Unfortunately, Willam Dafoe, who I think was the first movie's breakout star, wasn't in the sequel and didn't go to the event. But the fact that he was the only autograph that wasn't on the posters really ate me up. Out of desperation, I reached out to Dafoe's team and asked if he could sign them. I sent the request as a fan so I really didn't know if I'd get it or not! 


To my complete surprise, his team allowed it! I sent over the posters and got them back around half a month later. All of them were signed! Damn, I wish I could have met him too but this was good enough! I remember getting chills seeing all of the original cast's autographs on my posters. It was amazing! 


I doubt we'll be getting a "The Boondock Saints 3" movie anytime soon (or ever!), but if we do, I'm hoping Dafoe will be in on it too! 



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