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The Best Cities for Autograph Collecting

The Best Cities for Autograph Collecting

So, you want to be an autograph hound. You want to spend most of your time chasing down celebrities and asking for their autographs. Well.. good luck! Having been in the game myself for quite a while, this is no walk in the park. And it's only doable if you live in the cities where the biggest stars frequent. Of course, Los Angeles is one, as is New York too. These two are just some of where you have a better chance of seeing famous people in person. And if you're doubly lucky, you might meet a star in any of the other best cities for autograph collecting! 

Los Angeles

LA is the most obvious choice for any autograph hound. If you already live near the city, good for you! But if not, you'll want to pack up your bags and get your ass here! This is the home of Hollywood, after all. It's where the stars work, live, go out for some coffee, and many more. Your best bet is to visit them during their official appearances like red carpet events or movie premieres. But if you just so happen to bump into a famous person while walking down the street, that's good too! 

New York

Now, New York is a little bit tricky. Though it hosts just as many celebrity appearances here and there, the atmosphere here is simply too different. Back in Los Angeles, the people there are already used to all the fanfare and stuff. But here in New York? It's all about minding your own business! Autograph collecting is pretty common here too, but for the most part, the celebrities who live here prefer to be on the down-low. Your best bet is to catch them during their official appearances, like promotional events, when they're on the red carpet, or even at the stage door too! 


If you're more into British celebs, then London is the place to be! From legends like Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judi Dench to today's superstars like Benedict Cumberbatch or Emma Watson, there's a good chance they're in the British capital. Some of them live here while a lot of them frequently go here for work. And it's a good thing London also hosts its fair share of celebrity events. Movies hold their red carpet premieres here, and it's because of this that Hollywood stars travel across the pond too. So living here is a win-win situation for any autograph hound! 


Like a moth to a flame, celebrities are often drawn to the glittering city of Paris. Many go here during Paris Fashion Week, particularly the stylish stars who always make a splash on the red carpet. There are also many movies that hold their world premieres here, which make for great autograph collecting. And other times, famous people just want to shop, relax, and luxuriate in this glossy metropolis. So no matter how big Paris is, you can still meet and ask a celebrity for their autograph in one way or another. You just have to be strategic about it! 


And finally, there's Cannes, home to one of the biggest international film festivals in the world. If LA has the Oscars (and other famous awards shows) and New York has the Met Gala, then Southern France has the Cannes Film Festival. It's the biggest congregation of celebrities in this part of the world every May. Some of the best and brightest stars attend it, whether they're part of the all-important jury, have a movie to premiere, or just want to show off their designer duds on the red carpet. This event is a must-see for any autograph hound in the area! 

Oftentimes, the hardest thing an autograph hound has to do is to meet a celebrity. But if you're already in any of these amazing cities, then that cuts your work down to half! 

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