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Shawn Mendes is A Tall Glass of Handsome!

I have to say, I'm usually not into teen matinee idols, but Shawn Mendes is something else. He's tall, handsome, muscular, and oh so sexy. He's got all different parts of my body beating fast whenever I see him on TV. And one time, I actually saw him in person when he went to my town for a concert. 

It was one of his first tours as an emerging artist. On stage, he was a charismatic superman. He sang his songs so passionately, it was if he was actually singing them to me. I honestly felt every word in his lyrics and I was living for it. And when he'd tease us by stripping or showing off his abs, we'd squeal like the girly teenagers we are. Except for me, I was actually already 20 at the time. But did I care? You bet your ass I didn't! 

After the concert, I and my girlfriends lined up for his meet-and-greet. It was so funny because just about every girl went straight to the line after the concert. Even the gays were up and ready to see Shawn in all his hotness. If there ever were any straight boys at the arena that night, they already left or were probably waiting for their girlfriends outside. I just found it so funny that in our long line, it was just full of girls and gays. And it was the happiest line I was ever a part of. 

When he finally emerged from backstage, the screaming started again. I started laughing because the screams began so abruptly, it was as if someone just turned on the TV to a horror movie. It was that strange a moment. Anyways, I and my friends waited for about an hour and a half until it was our turn. And I was finally face-to-face with him, I couldn't stop staring. Good lord, he was handsome! 

My friend Sharon had to pul me together in order to ask him for his autograph. He signed my pair of copies and then went on to sign my friends' copies too. We were all glad he signed them and almost squealed like the younger girls in the line but we remembered that were actually adults in our early twenties. Still, we really wanted to! 

Perhaps that's the power of stars like Shawn Mendes. He makes you feel like a young teenager again. That and he's really one tall glass of handsome! 


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