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Seeing A Bevy of SNL Legends On The Red Carpet

I've said it before and I'll say it again: SNL is the funniest show on Earth. Even after more than 40 years on TV, they still pack in such a great comedic punch, especially if the sketch touches on the current times. This is why I'll always fanboy over its cast members, both current and former. And thankfully, when I attended the red carpet premiere of "The Angry Birds 2" movie with my kids, I saw a lot of them. 

I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy going to the premiere. I only decided to go for my kids. But when I researched who the cast will be, I became more excited than they are. Also, I made sure that they were there early so I can get their autographs. I mean, Jason Sudeikis? Bill Hader? and Leslie Jones? These are some of the best comedians the show has ever cast. And the best part? They're even funnier in real life! Sudeikis was particularly comical. His face was just as animated as you'd expect from the TV. 

Bill Hader, on the other hand, was so tall. I know he was tall, it's obvious even on TV, but holy smokes, I didn't expect him to be that tall. Similarly to Sudeikis, Hader also had a distinctly animated face. The way he smiles and makes faces, it's like his skin was made out of clay. No wonder these guys lasted long in SNL. Their own faces and bodies matched well with all the comedy they had to do. As for Leslie Jones, she's just a ball of sunshine. It's weird to me how she pulls off her loud angry bit so well. She's such a sweetheart in person! 

In the end, both my kids and I enjoyed the movie. Though I have to admit, I enjoyed meeting the SNL legend more. And a huge thanks to my wife for helping me get all these posters signed! 


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