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Hollywood Is Ready for Ansel Elgort and Finn Wolfhard 

The two stars of "The Goldfinch" were truly Ansel Elgort and Finn Wolfhard. They've grown so much from their tween days. Well, Wolfhard is still in that tween phase himself, but he's certainly more mature than a lot of his contemporaries. Personally, I find him the best young actor in "Stranger Things." And even more so in "The Goldfinch." 

I imagine that Ansel Elgort will likely get a lot of better roles after seeing his performance in this movie. With his baby face good looks and tall frame, he's destined to be a leading man. In fact, I and my sister, who went with me during the red carpet premiere of the movie, had to look way up just to see his face. We've never met a celebrity that tall. He almost seemed like walking skyscraper. And it doesn't help either that we were two short women. 

Finn Wolfhard, on the other hand, is just too adorable. He first seemed shy and reserved, but when he got the hang of meeting fans, he clearly loosened up a bit. He was taking selfies left and right, signing autographs, and making all the young girls swoon. Including my little sister. I couldn't help but laugh when she tried to get him to sign our posters, but she was so starstruck that she couldn't speak. I had to save the poor girl from embarrassment by talking to the actor himself. Thankfully, the young man was a gentleman and signed our posters. He even took a selfie with my sister as a souvenir. 

By casting these young actors in "The Goldfinch," it's clear that Hollywood is ready to turn them into potential leading men. Here's to hoping their careers soar after this movie.


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