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Natalie Portman is the Most Beautiful Actress I've Ever Seen!

I mean what I said (or in this case, wrote!)! With all due respect to other actresses who are also beautiful, they simply pale in comparison to Natalie Portman when it comes to beauty. They say that she's like the second coming of Audrey Hepburn. Well, for me, she's even prettier than the icon! 

I don't know what it is about her that I find so appealing. Looks-wise, she's a knock-out, no question! But perhaps it's how she presents herself as this eloquent and intelligent artist that's got me so captivated. I've always been a substance man. Sure, I occasionally enjoy a good bombshell or two, but when it comes to the women I fall for (and would one day hope to marry), I'm all about the brains and the heart. And let me tell you, this woman has plenty of both! 

I met her one time when she went on a talk show here in New York City. Before meeting her in person, she was just this pretty actress to me. Noteworthy for her performance as Padme Amidala, I wasn't that big of a Star Wars geek to have built a shrine for her. I did like her a lot in V for Vendetta—my favorite movie of hers—which was also the reason I didn't mind that she was the guest of that talk show when I watched it live. When I saw her up close and personal though, and witnessed just how nice of a woman she really is, I fell hard! 

Finding out she was going to another talk show in the city the next day, I called up my connections and got a seat in the studio. This time, I cam prepared! I brought my "V for Vendetta" posters with me and had her sign each one. I fanboyed hard when she recognized me from the day before. She asked me if I was stalking her (which sounded like a joke but knowing her, she might have been a little serious!) and sheepishly said no. At that moment, this relatively short woman made this tall (I'm a six-footer!) man feel so tiny and overexcited! 

My other friends got the rest of the cast to sign my posters for me. Though I'm grateful that they did, having just Portman's signature on it was enough! Boy! Is her husband the luckiest guy ever or what!? 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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