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My Day With A Couple of Disney Legends

It was the most unforgettable day of my life. I met Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and legendary animator John Lasseter. I was at the premiere of "Toy Story 3," a movie that I never thought would have ever been possible. The sequel was so good that I thought they'd stop there. But no! Thankfully, they continued the toys' story!

Still, I was too much of a huge fan of the sequel pass this opportunity up. I got a load of "Toy Story 2" movie posters, even though I could have had "Toy Story 3" posters since the latter movie was premiering. But before I can get to three, I had to score the 2 first! Especially the big two: Hanks and Allen. Woody and Buss Lightyear themselves! 

They were pretty easy to spot even from the sidelines. Hanks was the first one to get to me. I was in awe that I was actually in the presence of such a great movie icon. And he seemed so nice, I wanted him to be my grandpa or something! But alas, he isn't! Though he still signed my posters though. So did Allen, who never really ages. From the 90s to even today, Tim Allen still sort of looks the same. He may have a few more wrinkles here and there, but he was still as handsome as ever. And like Hanks, he was kind enough to sign my posters. 

Now, for John Lasseter, I never really planned on getting his autograph. Not that I didn't want it or anything. It's just that I thought he didn't give any. I just thought only actors signed stuff, not the least film animators. But when he was nearby, I called him up to try my luck and he actually went to me! I asked him to sign my posters, just like the previous two, and he did! I was simply amazed! 

Now that "Toy Story 4" is even out now, I still have a lot fo catching up to do with my autograph-hounding. Hopefully, there will be a "Toy Story 5" to make it all easier for me! 


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