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Most Interesting Game Of Thrones Characters You Might Have Forgotten

It's safe to say that "Game Of Thrones" is probably the best show ever made. From the surprising twists and intriguing plots, the HBO hit series never failed to shock audiences every episode. But perhaps the best part about it all is the cast of characters. Thanks mostly to George R.R. Martin, the world of Westeros was ruled by many houses who had interesting members. 

In fact, there were so many of them, you'd likely to have forgotten some that are still noteworthy even though they died early. So for your benefit, I highlighted five of them that deserve to be remembered. 

Renly Baratheon

Surely you remember the youngest Baratheon. Not only for his ballsy attempt to sit on the Iron Throne, but also for becoming one of the more openly LGBTQ+ characters in both the show and the novels. But why is he on this list, you ask? Because he died so early in the game, giving the other characters to dominate the succeeding seasons, that it's fair you have forgotten him. In fact, the last few seasons simply centered on the Lannisters, the Starks, and the Daenerys Targaryen. Since most of the House of Baratheon died by then, you might have forgotten about Renly. 

Daario Naharis

Poor Sir Jorah Mormont, Daenerys never loved him like she did Daario Naharis, who himself is an interesting character as well. But unfortunately, he rarely appeared or even at all in the later seasons, even during some of the most important moments in the show. He stayed behind in the Bay of Dragons as Khaleesi's regent in the eastern part of her empire.  And until the end of the series, that's where he simply stayed. Weirdly enough, he was never called to help the Targaryens and the Starks during the 'the Long night' or even during their siege of 'King's Landing.' He didn't deserve to be pushed aside just like that. 


Now, this is for the ladies. While Danerys, Margery, and at times even Cersei provided eye candy for the show's male fans, Olyvar gave the female fans something look at as well. but beyond just stripping naked almost every time he was on screen, he also played a huge part in 'King's Landing'. It was he who helped the Sparrows arrest both Loras and Margaery when the latter was queen. He inevitably caused the major downfall of one of the most powerful houses in Westeros. Talk about a bada** (with a great a** according to some women and a few men!). 


Melissandre may be an instrumental character in the series, but she's not the only red priestess who deserves your attention. Kinvara was just as interesting and powerful a being as Melissandre. Though she was briefly part of the limelight, when she was sent for, you know damn well she showed up! She even managed to shut Varys up with her vast knowledge of his own origins. she made sure to let him know that, unlike Melissandre, she's one bad b**ch you don't want to cross! However, like many people on this list, she just vanished from the show as it went on. 

Edmure Tully

And finally, one lucky son of a b**ch! It's surprising that Edmure Tully survived the events of "Game Of Thrones". He was the groom at the 'Red Wedding,' one of the most gruesome moments in the entire series. Though he wasn't killed there, he was taken as prisoner by the House of Frey. And when Arya killed all the members of the said house, he should have been released and would have made an interesting side character to watch during the later seasons. But alas, his name was barely mentioned ever again after that memorable and now-iconic TV moment!  

There’s still a lot more characters we can get into for this list. That’s the beauty of this incredible show. Stay tuned as a part 2 might be on the horizon! 

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