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Memorable Outrageously Wacky Moments in Comedy Movies

Don't you just love laughing out loud at comedies? There's nothing like letting out a big chuckle at some of the funniest moments ever shown on-screen. And let me tell you, there have been a lot! No matter what your humor is, you'll find something to laugh at in certain movies. Maybe even at dark moments if that floats your boat. 

However, there are some wacky on-screen moments you'd just can't help but burst out laughing at, no matter your sense of humor. I listed down a few examples below. 

Mr. Chow - The Hangover

Sure, The Hangover has its fair share of outrageously wacky moments. That's the point of the film. But out of so many (and there's a lot!), I think the wackiest is always when Mr. Chow is on-screen. This Chinese psychopath is probably the funniest gangster in cinematic history. With his nasal voice, flamboyant demeanor, and punchable face (sorry Ken Leong!), he was the perfect character to mess s**t up for Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis! He'll forever be the best 'Hangover' character ever! 



“Special” Hair Wax - There’s Something About Mary

Admit, you creamed when Cameron Diaz got Ben Stiller's "substance" and used it to wax her hair. It was as outrageous as a move could get in that day and age. The scene comedy gold—the horror on Stiller's face, Diaz's unassuming innocence and stupid hairstyle, and the fact that her hair actually stayed up when that "substance" hardened. It was overtly ridiculous in the most cinematic way and become the film's most memorable moment ever. As funny as the movie was, you know you only remember it because of that one scene! 


Crashing into Jesus - Saved

Religion and comedy don't always go hand-in-hand, but when they do, it's incredibly hilarious! One such movie is "Saved" starring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, and Macauly Culkin. Surprisingly, Moore provides most of the comedic highlights in the film as the heavily devout Christian, Hilary Faye. She also gives the wackiest moment too: crashing your car into Jesus. In the latter part of the film, Moore's Hilary" goes into a mental breakdown and drives her car right into a huge effigy of the deity. As offensive as it might be to many, it's also undeniably funny!

Beating a Teddy Bear - Ted

Speaking of wacky, what's wackier than a grown man beating up a stuffed teddy bear? Only a few! But the fight scene from Ted still made my list because it was extremely absurd in the best possible way. Here was Mark Whalberg, one of the most famous action stars of this generation, practically losing a brawl against a teddy bear. He was basically that teddy's bi**h! But kudos to him for making that absurd scene look realistic. Now that's acting!  

The Waxing Scene - The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Now, this is a scene that's really "waxy!" (get it? "waxy?"). The waxing scene in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" will forever be one of Steve Carrell's finest movie moments. It really looked like he was getting his body waxed, and the pain, as well as the laughter, that the audience felt while watching it were second to none. To this day, I'm sure a lot of hairy men (and women) are still afraid to go to a waxing salon to experience such torture!  

Laugh your a** off with any or all of these films the next time you’re free to watch a movie! Enjoy your life with other people’s outrageously wacky moments! 

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