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Memorable Moments from "Scarface" You Need to Remember

"Say Hello to My Little Friend!" is probably one of the most famous lines in a movie ever! And why wouldn't it be? It's tongue-in-cheek, bada**, and downright absurd that it's cinematic gold! "Scarface" is a classic film-lovers, myself included, watch again and again. It's ridiculous in the best possible way according to movie standards. And when you get the great Al Pacino to act like a f**king psychopath, you got yourself a hit movie! 

Beyond that iconic line, however, this movie is chockful of memorable movie moments that, ironically, you might not remember. Here's a reminder for some of them. 

Tony Montana in Immigration

"Antonio Montana. And you? What you call yourself?" To diehard "Scarface" fans, this is the best opening line and movie bada** could ever get. Just by how he said his full name alone, full of smug and swag, that audiences can already tell this guy is trouble. It's one of Pacino's best opening scenes in his legendary career because by just how he conducted himself, he already established the kind of character Tony is. Don't forget his name... if you f**k with him, you f**k with the best! 

Elvira's Entrance

Scarface is arguably where Michelle Pfieffer was at her most beautiful. Granted she still looks stunning today, her as Elvira in a tight silk dress was a knockout. To this day, even when she's not naked, she still looks sexier than some of the more overt hoes in other movies. There's a sexiness there, but also sophistication and allure that made even Tony Montana stop and stare. And along with him, we all stared too! How could you now!? 


Manny's Trick with The Ladies

This movie is not a comedy but it does have its funny moments. One of them was when Steven Bauer's Manny Ribera teaches Tony how to get girls. You'd think his tan good looks, he won't break a sweat, but what he does gets him slapped, to the amusement of the audience. For some weird reason, someone told him that the way to a woman's heart is to stick out your tongue and show her what it can do. Needless to say, even Tony himself was disgusted! 


Pelicans on the TV

Another funny moment that might have blown over your heads was when Tony was in a bubble-filled bathtub watching TV in a gilded bathroom. The monologue stayed within an altercation between him and Tony, but there was a subtle line that had had a couple of fans in stitches. As the pelicans fly in the whatever Montana was watching on the TV, he funnily says, "Pelican fly, go pelican!". He seemed ridiculous, especially with the ostentatious background, ut it was a rare light moment from one of the most notorious gangsters in movie history! 

Mountain of Cocaine

And finally, before the epic scene with that iconic line happened, who could forget Al Pacino sniffing up a Mount Everest of cocaine on his desk at his mansion? And what happened afterward? No, he didn't overdose, that's normal. In the film, the mountain of cocaine gives him the buzz to with a machine gun and survive multiple shots himself before eventually dying. The whole sequence was absurd and ridiculous, but that's the entire point of this film. 

“Scarface” will always be a classic. If you think you know everything about it, rewatch again and you just might discover more scenes that will belong to this list! 

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