Meeting Queen B on the Red Carpet

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I admit, my life ain't that exciting all the time. I have a decent job, a few close friends, a family who loves me, and that's it. I'm blessed, I know that! But there are times that I go beyond my comfort zone to get a little adrenaline. And for me, that's getting a celebrity's autograph. 

Let me tell y'all the biggest fish I caught: Beyonce Knowles! Mmhmm, that's right honey! I got Queen B's autograph! But I gots to admit, it was during a time when getting her autograph was relatively easy. Unbeknownst to many, there was a time—right before this weird-ass social media-crazy world—when Queen B wasn't protected by her crazy BeyHive. It was time when she was just another, albeit excellent, pop star who did her thang. 

It was at an award's show. I forgot which year it was but I think it was around the same time she starred in "Dreamgirls." I remember her looking so pretty in a light green dress on the red carpet, her healthy mocha skin was poppin'! She was with Jay-Z at the time but I wasn't sure if they were already married. I don't remember seeing a ring on her finger though. Anyhoo, I called out to her like the crazy chick I am. I swear, I be screamin' and makin' a fuss all up in that place as if I was part of today's BeyHive (don't any of y'all come for me! I still love y'all!). 

Well, my ratchet shoutin' worked cause she approached me and said hi. And let me tell y'all, Queen B stands for beautiful. She looked like a chocolate goddess from head-to-toe, poppin' with that melanin and curvaceousness. I asked her to sign my poster of her from her "Dangerously In Love" era and she did. Little did she know, however, that I brought my hive with me that night too and they had the same exact poster. I swear, we might ahve looked stupid asking Beyonce to sign the same poster again and again, but the Queen was a good sport. She signed all of our copies like a trooper! 

These days, she's gotten so big I don't even know if she still gives autographs. The Bey Hive would be lucky to even get just a glance from here, let along have her sign something of theirs. But, a queen's a queen and they don't mess around with us peasants. 

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