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Mamma Mia! What A Great Premiere! 

As an autograph hound, I've attended my fair share of red carpet events over the years. Each was more glamorous than the next. But out of all of the more recent ones, the premiere for "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again" was the most fun. There's just something about movie legends having a ball that's just so... joyful! 

There I was, amidst a sea of fans, photographers, entertainment journalists, and more. I had a couple of copies of the movie poster at hand and I planned to have each and every one of them signed by this star-studded cast. I didn't care that my arms were already numb an hour into the premiere. I was there for the purpose of getting many autographs and I planned to see it through. And as I withstood the pain, each member of the cast came one by one, all looking like they were having the time of their lives. 

In a striking blue dress, I spotted the legendary Meryl Streep. Looking all sophisticated like the icon she is, she was all smiles on the red carpet. I dare say, she looked even better than her younger co-stars like Lily James and Amanda Seyfriend, both of whom looked glowing as well. When they posed with each other in front of the photographers, I could tell why casting them in the same family (of sorts) worked well. They all had undeniable star quality and it shone even brighter in person. When I asked for their autographs individually, I was in awe of them. 

I was completely starstruck by the men too! I mean, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard? They looked younger in the first "Mamma Mia" film but here, they looked more laid-back. As dapper as always, these men proved that age was nothing to them. They looked handsome, well-dressed, and energized. And I felt it too when they signed my posters. They really were happy to be there, enjoying each and every moment. I dare say, they even looked more charming than their younger counterparts! 

If I had to share one thing I regretted during that night, it was the fact that I couldn't get Cher's autograph. I didn't get all the cast's autographs but this was one that I really wanted. I mean, it's Cher for godsakes! Getting her autograph is like winning the lottery! And damn, the woman's a superstar! Even just by posing for the cameras, she drew all attention to herself. What a woman! If only she weren't so hounded by the media, perhaps I could've gotten her autograph too! 

I also didn't get Julie Walters's autograph that night because she didn't show up. Luckily, however, I knew a friend who also knew her personally so I was assured she'd sign my posters another time. And a couple of months after the premiere, I finally saw her autograph on them. I do wish she still went to the premiere though. It would have been an absolute treat seeing her interact with her fellow cast members and have a good ol' time! 

Either way, despite not getting all of the cast's autographs, I still consider that night an absolute success. It was the most memorable and definitely the funniest red carper premiere I went to in recent memory! 

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