I Wish Funny Actors Navigated My Brain Too!

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Imagine! Having Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader controlling your mind and your emotions? Wouldn't that be a riot? Thanks to "Inside Out" though, it's better to imagine that. The movie is, in my opinion, Pixar's masterpiece. It had a lot of mature complexities reflected through innocent, simple, and adorable characters. 

Even before I saw it, I already knew it will be a hit. Not only because it's a Pixar film, but also because of its great cast. I was lucky enough to have attended the Hollywood premiere for it and got many of these premier comedians' autographs. 

The first I got was Mindy Kaling's. I remember seeing her and getting surprised at just how small she actually was. I mean, I always knew that she was short, but not that short! And since I'm a tall guy, having her look up at me was pretty awkward but undeniably funny! 

Then came Bill Hader, who, thank goodness, was a lot taller than Kaling. Finally, someone who's face doesn't just reach my waist. He made a funny comment about how tall I am and I remember how much I laughed at it, but for the life of me, I don't remember the joke! Anyways, I'm sure it was hella funny! 

And as for Amy Poehler, well she, for me, is the current 'Queen of Comedy.' I felt so honored that she signed my posters too. She's an A-class comedian that, I think, there aren't many of any more. 

After watching the movie, I was right in thinking it will be a hit. It'd be difficult for Disney and Pixar to top this one. Here's to hoping they will... with a sequel! 

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