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How to Properly Get A Movie Star's Autograph

What makes an autograph so special? The curvature of the star's handwriting? Their ink on the paper? The uniqueness of their signature? All of these are valid answers. Simply put, autographs, no matter how well forgers can imitate them, are worth a lot. They're the indelible marks these actors leave, beyond, of course, their amazing talents on screen. It's a form of memorabilia that personalized the experience of idolizing them or revering their works. Nowadays, while there's still a number of people still wanting autographs, their relevance is slowly waning. On the upside, however, the rarer they are to get, the more valuable they become. 

But how does one get the autograph of his/her favorite movie star? Here are some proper ways to do so. 

Patience is a Virtue

You have to understand that getting an actor's autograph is inhibiting total patience. More often than not, you're not going to get it in your first try. Neither in your second. Neither in your third, fourth, fifth and so on. You're lucky if you do. But if you don't, try to be patient. If you're really devoted to your idol and you're dedicated to getting his/her autograph, there will come a time when he/she will finally sign your paper. It won't always be in your first few tries, but that's okay. In fact, that's half the fun! 

Be Resilient

Similarly to patients, you also have to be resilient. You're not going to get your favorite star's autograph if you give up on your first try. They're not going to someday feel sorry for you that they didn't sign your notepad. To be able to get their autographs, be resilient and go to their events as much as you can. Go to premiered, meet-n-greets, press conferences, and even comic-cons. Surely in any of these instances, you'll get your chance to finally get your idol's autograph. And again, like patience, being resilient is part of the game. It might be the hardest part, but it's the most rewarding when you finally get it! 

Don’t Act Like A Stalker

As long as you're being resilient, try not to act like a stalker too. And by that, we mean that you don't have to attend every single event your favorite movie star is attending. You can sit out a couple in-between press junkets and the like. this is because if you attend each and every event they're in, most likely they'll recognize you. And also most likely, they'll feel disturbed that the same exact person that they've seen in previous events is now there again. You wouldn't want your idol to think you're stalking him/her, wouldn't you? Of course not! 

Maintain Personal Space

When you finally get close to your idol, remember to maintain personal space. Don't get all up on them, we assure you, they wouldn't like that. Just hand them your notepad, paper, or any item that you brought, and politely ask them to sign. If they don't or can't, don't show that you're pissed (even though on the inside, you probably are). Just stay respectful all throughout. And when they do sign your item, stay calm and composed as they write. Don't scream to the high heavens that your idol finally gave you his/her autograph. Just thank them politely and be on your way! 

Don’t Ask for a Selfie

The reason why autographs are now getting to be extremely rare is that people now want selfies. Now, this is an absolute no-no if you want their autographs. While there will be stars who'll gladly give you both, you're better guaranteed to get that signature if you don't ask for a selfie. The fact of the matter is,  giving you a selfie with them is more tiring for them than simply signing a piece of paper. More often than not, today's biggest stars, even the younger ones, still prefer giving autographs. So if you'd want one, don't ask for a selfie! 

Go For Something Unique

Want to be included in a celebrity's anecdote the next time they go to a talk show host? Try going for something unique when asking for their autographs. We don't mean giving them your baby or exposing yourself for them to sign a part of your body. While those will definitely get them talking about you, they're not exactly polite nor ethical. A great example of doing something unique is, instead of a notepad, let them sign a movie poster instead. Think of how awesome it'll look when a movie poster that they starred in has their autograph! The best part is that that particular poster will be worth millions someday! 

Make an Impact

Similarly, it pays to make an impact. Your best bet for this is to wear something flashy and unique. Without, however, exposing yourself in rather unwanted fashions. During comic-con, for instance, an event many celebrities go to nowadays, dressing up as their character in the movie will make an impact. It'll assure you not only an autograph but possibly even a selfie too (without you asking for it!). You can also wear catch T-shirts about them or their characters when you meet them in movie premieres, press junkets, and the like. Just be bold enough to stand-out without offending them and while maintaining personal space and you'll get your autograph! 

No matter what anyone says, autographs are still the real deal! Try to get your favorite movie star’s autograph by remembering these tips and more. You’re guaranteed their signature when you follow them!




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