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How to Attract A Celebrity's Attention Without Embarrassing Yourself

If you want to get into autograph collecting, you're gonna have to come up with ways to attract a celebrity's attention. Shouting at them from the bleacher seats isn't enough, especially if you're up against a wall of photographers howling at the stars to pose for their cameras. For you to get a famous person's attention, you'll really need to stand out. But at the same time, you don't want to embarrass yourself too! 

If you make a fool of yourself right in front of a celebrity as you ask for their autograph, there's a good chance they'll never forget it. Before you know it, they're talking about you on talk shows, press interviews, podcasts, and more. And not in a good light either! Do you want to be the butt of a celebrity's joke? If not, then follow these tips! 

Head to The Front of The Line

Heading to the front of the line is your best bet to get a celebrity's attention. Since you're already right in front of them, they can't miss you! Oh, and don't stand near the photographers too. You'll want to avoid them at all costs because rest assured that no famous actor or singer will ever notice if you're near them. All they'll see are flashing lights from the cameras and all they'll hear are shouting photographers asking them to pose. Only when they've walked further away from the photographers will they see the fans. And if you're right in front, you won't even need to shout at them. Just hand over what you have and they'll sign it for you. 

Put on a Big Smile

I know this sounds a little creepy but hear me out! Flashing your pearly whites—and yes, they better be pearly white! Brush your teeth before showing yourself to a celebrity!—will likely get their attention. It's not a 100% guarantee, but still! When a star sees just how happy you are by their presence, they'll be drawn to you. Perhaps your smile touched their hearts. Or perhaps they'll feel obligated to put out some fan service to improve their image. Either way, as long as you get that autograph, plastering that big smile on your face for a long period of time will be worth it! Just be careful not to get lockjaw! 

Wear Loud Colors

What comes after a flashy smile? Flashy clothes, of course! Though you don't have to look as dressed-up as the celebrities on the red carpet, it wouldn't hurt to wear an eye-popping color. Even amidst a sea of camera flashes, a striking pop of color will grab a celebrity's attention. It can even serve as a great topic for small talk as they sign your poster, autograph book, or whatever it is that you brought. At least, if they initiate the conversation by mentioning your look, you don't have to spend minutes fawning over them like an idiot. Just say you love them, your love their work, and that you're a big fan. Anything else and you risk annoying them. 

Hold a Witty Sign

Take it from the protests in the US, a witty sign is an attention-grabber! Of course, yours doesn't have to be a placard. It should express just how excited you are about meeting your favorite celebrity. Plus points if it will make them laugh too. Because once they get the giggles, you win! They'll instantly want to meet you and give you their autographs. If you're really lucky, they might even take a selfie with you and the sign too! Afterward, get ready to be talked about when they go on talk shows, and this time, you'll come out looking like a great and clever fan! 

Don’t Stop Waving! 

Autograph collecting is a lot of hard work and actually getting the autograph is only half of it. The other half is grabbing their attention. One of the safest ways to do it is to keep on waving. When they're near you, wave like crazy! But not too crazy that you end up looking like a fool in front of them. Just don't stop waving and if you feel like you need to, you can even let out a few screams too. There's a good chance that a single glance in your direction can instantly turn them toward you. And once they're locked in, you go for it! 

There's a fine line between grabbing a celebrity's attention and making a fool of yourself in front of a star. Just remember these helpful tips and you're sure to get that autograph! 

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