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 Heading Over to Pandora To See "Avatar" 

Until now, James Cameron's "Avatar" is still my favorite movie ever. I didn't think a film would ever change my life the way that one did back then! There I was, fresh out of college, ready to take the world by storm, and yet I was blown away by this new 3D world that Cameron created! It was amazing! 


To be honest, I was lucky enough to have gotten a sneak peek of the film even before it premiered. Thanks to my Hollywood connections, I became part of the test audience to see how the public will like this new 3D film, a cinematic experience that was pretty novel at the time. As you can probably tell, I loved every single minute of it. So did the audience, hence the movie premiered and became the legend that it is today. After watching it for the first time, it awakened my passion for getting celebrities' autographs and I actually attended the premiere (again, thanks to my acquaintances in Tinsel Town) just to meet the stars, the director, and get their autographs! 


It felt unreal seeing them, especially the beautiful Zoe Saldana who was an Avatar throughout most of the film, on the red carpet. Before I knew it, my blood was rushing and I was screaming for their attention just like the thousands of fans that surrounded me that night. Going back to Saldana, she was one of the nicest in the cast. She gladly gave me her autographs, signing a couple of my copies of the movie poster. Looking so beautiful and elegant, I understood why Cameron cast her in this movie. She looked every bit the Avatar that night! 


There was also the legendary Sigourney Weaver. Damn! This woman is everything. Beautiful and imposing, she had that Old Hollywood flair to her that reminded me of my love for black and white films. Like Saldana, she was generous with her autographs too, not even questioning why I had more than one copy of the movie poster and simply signing all of them. She was (and still is) incredible! 


The lead star, Sam Worthington, was just an up-and-coming actor at that time. This was actually his big movie break if I'm not mistaken! Yet he looked so comfortable amidst all the craziness on the red carpet that it almost seemed like he was a veteran at the game. So much so that he, like Weaver, signed all of my posters without a second thought. It was like he was used to it or something. And man was he cool! I knew from the get-go he'd be Hollywood's next big star! 


Finally, I couldn't not mention: James Cameron! He's my favorite director! How could he not be!? He gave me "Titanic" and now, "Avatar." He's a legend in every sense of the word. I admit I was scared to meet him at first. I always sort of believed all the bad stuff the press said about him. But then, when I asked for his autograph, he was nice, polite, and kinda personable. There was still something intimidating about him but at the very least, at the time, he didn't seem annoyed that I wanted his autograph. And he also signed many copies of the poster that I had, not just one and done with! 


I'm hoping James Cameron would make another masterpiece, something as good as "Avatar" of, if possible, something better! I'm already so excited! 

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