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Getting The Courage To Talk To Joe Pesci

Ever heard of the saying, "small but terrible?" Well, I think someone came up with that line just so we can describe Joe Pesci accurately. But the guy's not terrible, far from it! He's one of the best actors Hollywood's ever seen. But he is terrifying! And don't let that small height catch you off guard! 

I honestly don't know how the guy treats his fans. He's so terrifying onscreen alone that I'd understand if many would be too afraid to go up to him. But I was a man on a mission. I wanted to give my cousin a signed poster of his favorite movie "My Cousin Vinny" with the movie icon's autograph on it. I already had gotten Marisa Tomei, Ralph Macchio, and the other cast members to sign them, and boy was that heavy hounding! But Joe Pesci, he was the main guy! He was Vinny himself. I just had to have him sign these posters too! 

I say posters because I made sure I'd have a few extra copies if ever one of them goes missing, gets destroyed, and what have you! And lemme tell you, not all of the actors were thrilled to sign multiple posters, which made me even more nervous to go get Joe Pesic's autograph. I was so sure asking him to do what I asked his co-stars to do would get me a lot cussing. but I just had to do it! 

So, one day, he was just strolling up a nearby block in Brooklyn. I followed him. Did I look like a stalker? Yes. But I made sure I didn't look suspicious to him. Else I would have gotten a whoopin' as well as a good cussin'! When he finally settled down at a nearby diner, I made my move. "Hi Mr. Joe Pesci, you don't know me but I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm wondering if I could get your autograph on these movie posters." I politely told him. He looked me up and down as I sweated my butt off waiting for his answer. 

As I expected, he did curse at me a lot, mostly for disturbing his peace and invading his privacy. But after a good minute or two of cussin', and with all eyes in the diner on me, he said he was just kidding around and he'd be happy to sign my posters. He then got them all and wrote on each one! I felt like melting right then and there! 

Deep down, I think this little gangster is a really good guy! I sure do miss seeing him in movies though! Here's to hoping people will cast him again and we get to hear his glorious foul-mouth dominate the screen! 


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