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Getting Strange with the Cast of Doctor Strange

By Pete Simmons


I have to say, out of all the movies Marvel has put out in the past decade or so, "Doctor Strange" is probably the most magical. It's a shame my cousin wasn't able to get me a job in the film, but I didn't want to go to Nepal and Hong Kong anyways. However, she did get me and my team great access to the premiere and it's where we were able to get the cast's autographs. 

So I and a couple of my buddies went out to Hollywood to see the cast in the flesh. And I gotta say, this cast definitely had some beautiful people in it. Rachel McAdams was just unbelievable in real life. With her gorgeous hair and smooth silky-looking skin, I found myself drooling when she was posing for the cameras right in front of me. Thank God I realized it and wiped it away by the time she got to sign our posters. 

Tilda Swinton, this monument of a woman, is also a looker. I'm not into androgynous types but even I had to admit that there was something fascinating about her. And that accent... golly! No wonder she got cast as 'The Ancient One.' She doesn't seem like she's from this time nor from this world for that matter. And it was she who mentioned how intently I stared at her as she signed my posters. Fortunately for me, she was a good sport about it. 

And then there was Doctor Strange himself: Benedict Cumberbatch. Before he got cast in this role, I was already a huge fan of his through his other famous role, Sherlock. And so when he got to our area, I found myself speechless. My friend Bob even had to ask his autograph on my behalf! It was probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my time as an autograph hound. 

Let me tell you, there's just something about the cast of "Doctor Strange" that will lead you to act strange yourself! Thankfully, even though I acted like a complete idiot, I still got their signatures! 


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