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Getting Harriet Tubman's Autograph!

I'm glad she ventured into film after her successful Broadway debut in the musical adaptation of "The Color Purple." In the "Harriet," she traded in her powerful singing with an equally strong performance as the historic figure in "Harriet." And goodness, I thought I'd never been more inspired by Ms. Tubman than I already was. I've been a huge fan of her since I first learned about her in middle school. In college, I spent a lot of days reading more about her incredible life. And now, I'm so glad they've finally made her story into a film. 

Now's the part where I tell you how I met Cynthia Erivo. It was really simple really. My friend took me to see her at a taping of a daytime talk show where she was the guest. Veronica, my friend, knew I was a huge fan of hers. But she didn't know how much the movie meant to me. She just knew I loved Erivo because of her Broadway debut. It was only then when she told me about the tickets and I babbled on and on about "Harriet," did she realize I had two reasons to go see Cynthia Erivo at the talk show.

The night before the show, I bought a couple of the movie's posters from another good friend of mine who, through his connections, was always able to get posters of movies about to or currently showing. I planned to ask Cynthia her autographs, hoping she'd sign, at the very least, one of them. 

As I expected, she was charming and funny during the talk show. She glowed as if she was at the happiest moment in her life. And after it was all done, Veronica and I rushed to the stage door to try and meet her as she exited the studio. Now, remember when I said I hoped she would sign at least one copy of the movie's poster? Well, I was wrong.

She not only signed one copy, but she also signed all of them. And while she was signing each one, I told her how much she and her new movie meant to me. I was a flailing hot mess, borderline embarrassing with how much I worshipped her right in front of her. But you know what? Instead of looking grossed out at me, she hugged me tightly and seemed so thankful that I was her fan. At that moment, I felt thankful too! 

I really hope she wins the Oscar for her performance as Harriet Tubman. Not only would it be good for the movie industry's diversity problem, as well as American people of color in general, but she super deserves it. She's a good person and an even greater actress! 


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