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Facing the Star-Studded Cast of "Godzilla" 

You'd think that, for another Godzilla movie, they'd cast some up-and-comers instead of well-known industry veterans. I'm just so completely shocked how start-studded the cast of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" was! Some actors in the movie, one would never think will ever do such a film! But I guess, when Hollywood is calling, the best of the best will still answer! 

I went to the red carpet premiere of the movie and, I swear, you'd think it was the Golden Globes or something. In fact, some of them already are Golden Globe winners. I was most siked to see Vera Farmiga, one of my longtime Hollywood girl crushes. And as expected, she looked gorgeous! When has she never looked good anyways? Ad I could say the same about Millie Bobby Brown too. She's just so youthful and effervescent, I was entranced the whole time she was signing mine and my friend's posters. She really is a style icon in the making, as well as, of course, a star! 

Kyle Chandler was handsome! Always had a crush on him since his "Friday Night Lights" days and he just keeps getting hotter. I remember blushing so hard when he was signing my poster, I probably looked like a freakin' tomato! Thankfully he didn't look up all that much when he was in front of me. Which, at the same time, was kinda sad cause I wanted to seduce him! 

Anyways, Sally Hawkins was another fave of mine! I'm so happy I finally got her autograph. I've been a huge fan since "Blue Jasmine" and even more so when I watched "The Shape Of Water." But really, Hollywood! What is with you casting this great actress in sea-monster movies!? I don't get it! 

Unfortunately, there was one person we weren't able to meet who was practically one of the best ones: Charles Dance. Oh well, hopefully, I'll meet Tywin Lannister on another red carpet premiere one day. He's not a total loss, especially with all the other autographs we managed to get! 


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