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Emma Stone Has NOT Changed! 

I'm glad there are some stars in Hollywood that never change. Even though they've been in countless movies, dated the hottest celebrities, and have even won numerous awards, they remain the same throughout. Now, only one name comes to mind that I know full well that she has never changed: Emma Stone. 

I've met her a couple of times, and each time, she's her bubbly and slightly awkward self. She knows she's a star, she has that much confidence in herself. But she also knows that she's human. She gets awkward when she makes mistakes. Her laugh is as goofy as ever. And she often makes jokes with us fans. The "relatable" celebrity that she presents herself as, in my opinion, is 100% authentic. Unlike other similarly A-list stars who seem to exaggerate their "relatability" to get brownie points from fans. Nope, Emma Stone is as real as real can be! 

Having met her recently at the premiere of "Zombieland: Double Tap," what struck me the most is how she still seems the same since I met her when "Easy A," one of her breakout movies in the late 2000s/early 2010s, premiered. The same doll-like smile. That same goofy low laugh. And that same charming awkwardness were all still there even though she has already won an Oscar! In fact, when she came up to me and my friends at the recent premiere, she even recognized us a bit. "Haven't we met before? (laughs)" she said. Yes, we have, and only a star of that humility will recognize fans like that. 

The rest of the "Zombieland" sequel cast were great as well. They were also generous with their autographs. But I just can't help but obsess over Emma Stone. She will always be one of my favorite actresses and dream women. Funny, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. What's not to love? Andrew Garfield, boy did you miss this one! 


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