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Back when Riri was The New Bad Girl On The Block

It's always so interesting seeing pop stars evolve. Especially when their new selves are so far from when they began. Think of it as an overused trope if you will, but it's only natural that an artist evolves over time. They grow up, (hopefully) make better music, and sometimes, even go beyond music! 

Rihanna is a perfect example of this. She started out as this nice Barbadian girl singing "Pon De Replay" in "Bring It On 3: All or Nothing." She was still cutesy then; a girl next door guys would love to bring home to their mothers. But a few years after that, she cut her hair, collaborated with Jay-Z, and became the baddest girl on the block. I still listen to "Umbrella" from time to time! Little did we know, however, that it was the birth of a brand new superstar. A superstar who'd one day become the richest celebrity in the world according to Forbes magazine. 

Quite honestly, my favorite Rihanna was "Good Girl Gone Bad" Rihanna. The pixie-haired chick who surprised everyone with her image change and her new "bad" attitude. Though she's bigger than ever today, I had more of a connection with that Riri. I just loved that she was able to transform herself so drastically. So much so that she became the hottest thing in music at the time (well, she's still the hottest thing in music today, especially when she released her new album!). 

That was also the first time, I remember so fondly, that I met her in person. I was a fan of seventeen and me and my high school BFFs went to the red carpet of the VMAs around that time. We all screamed when she got out of the car, arm-in-arm with her then beau Chris Brown (yep, that's how long ago this was) and looking hella cool like the bad b*tch she is! She came up to me and my friends when we shouted for her and she signed all of our "Good Girl Gone Bad" posters. I still remember the smile on her face when she did it. she was so excited to be meeting her fans. And of course, we were over the roof ourselves! 

I still love Riri though, and I can't wait for her new music to drop, whenever that will be. Still, if you were to ask me to pick which Rihanna I like best, I'd pick her "Good Girl Gone Bad" era any day! 


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