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Autograph or Selfie: Which Should You Get From A Celebrity?

In this day and age, getting a celebrity's autograph has gotten a little passe. Many people still do it, but for most fans, asking for a selfie is even better. Why settle for a signature if you can get your picture taken with a star? And if that star allows you to hug or kiss them for the photo, all the more reason to ask for a selfie, right? In any case, there's still some merit to asking for an autograph. But you can't blame others for preferring a selfie too. 

Which camp do you belong to? Perhaps, if you heard the pros of each side, you'll know which one you prefer! 

Why Autographs are Better

An Autograph is Easier to Get

It's safe to assume that many celebrities prefer giving out autographs instead of selfies. After all, it is easier to do. Although you can argue that a selfie only takes a moment, there's a lot more to it than that. There's getting the right distance between fan and celebrity, getting the pose right, etc. Not to mention thinking as to whether they're comfortable getting close with fans—who are technically strangers—to fit the selfie. At least, when signing autographs, all they have to do is to write their signature on whatever the fan hands them and they're done. 

An Autograph is Timeless

Once you get the autograph from a celebrity, it will never change. Of course, the same can be said for a selfie too. A photo captures a moment in time and when saved and preserved just right, it will make for a great memory. What will change, however, are the people in the photo. Everybody ages, even Hollywood celebs who seem like vampires. There's no money in the world that can help preserve youth and beauty as if time has stopped. And years from now, though you may look back at the selfie with fond memories, there's no denying that twinge of melancholy in missing the past. That's one feeling you'll rarely get when looking at an autograph. 

An Autograph is More Unique

Although a celebrity's autograph never (or rarely) changes, each one is still unique. From the small strokes on how they wrote it to the friction on the surface where it was written, that autograph is one of a kind. The same, unfortunately, can't be said with a selfie. Let's say you attended a meet & greet with your favorite singer and asked for a selfie with them. The smile that they gave you in the photo would likely be the exact same that other fans will get in their selfies. At times, even the pose and gestures are exactly the same too! 

Why Selfies are Better

A Selfie is Better Proof

"I met Daniel Craig at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie!" "I bumped into Jennifer Aniston when I was walking down a street in LA!" All of these "claims" can be easily shut down if you don't have any proof. And what better proof is there than photographic evidence? Above all else, what makes a selfie so special is that it is undeniable proof that you met a famous person. Of course, you can say that an autograph can serve the same purpose but it's a hell of a lot easier to forge it than to photoshop you and a celebrity together. 

No One Can Forge A Selfie

Forgery is the number one reason why autographs can't always be trusted. There are some who won't be convinced that it's the real deal, even when you slap a COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) to their faces! The skepticism will always be there. That's why many prefer taking selfies with celebrities instead. No one can tell you that you're lying when you have a selfie with a celebrity. And if they rebut with accusations of photoshopping, you can show other photos of that time as further proof. 

Selfies are Easy to Show Off

Let's admit it: one of the main reasons who wanted anything from a celebrity is to show off the fact that you met and interacted with them in person. You want to show the world that you bumped into Tom Hanks while he was walking his dog. Or that you met Sarah Jessica Parker while shopping in New York. More than just reminders of the time you spend with these stars, you'll want to brag about it to others, right? And what better way to do that than to post your selfie on social media? You'll receive a ton of likes and the product of envy of fellow fans. 

Truth be told, there's no saying whether an autograph or a selfie is better. At the end of the day, both are still great in their own ways. It's up to you if you prefer one over the other! 

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