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Anabelle Keeps Letting Me Meet Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson

Damn! Anabelle just doesn't die, does she? Well, it's okay! Because of her, I've sort of become friends with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson At least, we should be, considering how often I've met them autograph-hounding for my posters. With so many Anabelle-related movies that have since been released, they're the two actors in Hollywood I've seen the most. And I've been in the game for years!

At the premiere of "Annabelle Comes Home," I saw them again. They even recognized me this time and probably already knew what I wanted them to sign. Vera Farmiga was just as stunning as ever. You can have your Megan Foxes and Margot Robbies, I'll take this wide-eyed beauty any time. She's just so elegant and sex that I'm just in awe of her every time I see her. TV doesn't do her justice as well. As for Patrick Wilson, all I'll say is that he's severely underrated. With his talent, looks, and charisma, he should be up there in the pantheon of Hollywood leading men, beside Pitt, Damon, DiCaprio, and more! 

I don't know if I'll ever meet them again. Judging by how scary the film was, it's likely the success will lead to another film. In that case, I'm basically already in a throuple relationship with these stars... I kid!  


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