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An Accidental Rendezvous with A Music Icon

You know, fate can sometimes be very funny. I started my day like any other day. I had breakfast, walked my dog, did some errands... all that stuff. But little did I know, at that same day, I would meet one of the most iconic musicians to ever live! 

It started when I had lunch with my friend. We bonded over our love for the band, Kiss and he brought me some poster he bought at a vintage shop near his place. Since I lived in a pretty popular part in Los Angeles, one that, apparently, some rocks stars live at, my buddy joked that maybe I'll be able to meet up with the band and I can get their autographs on these. 

Well, my friend must have been psychic or something cause that's just what happened! I went to an exclusive hair salon where my cousin worked and he got me in for half the price for a haircut. Little did we both know that the salon, which was mostly empty at the time, was practically shut down cause a big celebrity was going to get his haircut as well. After promising that I'll stay as quiet as a mouse, the manager allowed me to come in nevertheless. 

But who was that mysterious celebrity, you ask? Oh, it was just Gene frickin' Simmons! Yep! Arguably the most famous guy in my most favorite band! He didn't mind that he had to share the salon with me for a bit. In fact, I overheard that he doesn't prefer this sort of special treatment. And so after a few minutes into our haircuts, he chatted me up. Yes, Gene Simmons talked to me! I might as well have died right then and there! 

Anyways, we didn't talk much. Just some small chatter here and there. But then I remembered that I had posters of him in my backpack. It was as if fate brought us together! Despite promising the manager, and risking my cousin's job, I went up to Simmons and asked for his autograph. And you know what? He gave it to me! He signed all of my posters ever though they were all the same! That's how cool a guy he really is! 

Unfortunately, I'm now barred from ever entering that salon because of my autograph-hounding and my cousin got suspended. Though he has since gone back to working there, so it's not all bad news! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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