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Acting Like A Rogue During the Red Carpet Premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Though it's not an episode in the Skywalker Saga, I've always said that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is one of the franchise's best movies. The cast and crew did amazing in filling the gaps of this wonderfully long and adventurous story. So when I went to the red carpet premiere of this movie, I had to have all of their autographs! 

The most I remember was Felicity Jones. She was incredibly beautiful at that red carpet. Star Wars women are all beautiful: Carrie Fisher, Natalie Portman, Daisy Ridley, etc. Jones fits perfectly with all of them, which makes me a bit sad that she may no longer appear in more Star Wars films. Being the English Rose that she was, she was perfectly charming when she signed my posters. She kindly, and quite delicately, signed all of my copies and didn't even complain that she had to sign all six of them. 

Forest Whitaker was also very noteworthy. I've been a fan of his since "The Last King of Scotland," and in this movie, he was similarly strong. He really is a king, both on and off-screen, and we approached me that night, I kid you not, I think I curtsied. Fortunately, there were a lot of people around me so I don't think it was obvious. Ben Mendelsohn, on the other hand, was equally intimidating. Having met him, and even though he was pleasant to me, I realized now that he's best when playing villains. 

I do hope this cast come back someday in new Star Wars films. Maybe as the children of their Rogue One characters? Hey, a fan can dream, right? 

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