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A Trip To The "Future" With My Dad

I could have never predicted that, years after my dad's death, that I'd still be taking one last trip with him! Among many things, I'm now a movie memorabilia collector, focusing more on autographed items, which is a hobby I inherited from my dad. We both loved movies and one that he and I consider as our favorite is the 1985 cult classic, "Back To The Future." 


When I was looking through all of his stuff in our storage room one time, I discovered most of his old memorabilia. The ones that he collected over the years. He was a classic autograph hound back then, always attending red carpet events and other places where he'd see a celebrity just to get their autographs. He was definitely a pro! And while I was half-cleaning his things and half reminiscing about him, I discovered what used to be one of his most prized possessions. A stack of "Back To The Future" posters signed by the cast. Well, most of them, anyway. 


Michael J Fox, Crispin Glover, Billy Zane, Thomas F Wilson, Lea Thompson—just about every single cast member assigned the posters. And they signed all of them, mind you, not just one or a couple, but all of them! These are a testament to how dedicated my old man was about getting their autographs. Unfortunately, however, only one person from the cast wasn't able to sign these: Christopher Lloyd. Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown himself! I remember when he showed these posters to me for the first time back when he was alive that not getting Lloyd's autographs was one of his worst regrets. 


Well, it was around that time that the movie was going to celebrate its 30th anniversary at the Hollywood Bowl. I saw it on the news and on a lot of "Back To The Future" fan messageboards. Since I already lived in California, I went to LA to attend the event (got tickets from fellow fans!) and planned to finally get Christopher Lloyd's autograph on these posters. Thank goodness he's still alive and not too old to miss out on stuff like this! 


I was kinda bummed not Michael J. Fox didn't go to the event but he wasn't my target anyways. I was there to see Christopher Lloyd and get his autograph no matter what! After watching a special screening of the film and a Q&A afterward, I finally got the chance to see him during the meet-and-greet. 


To my complete and utter shock, not only did he sign my posters, but he actually remembered my dad! He remembered how there was a desperate autograph hound who got all the cast members to sign his posters. But when it was his turn, he was whisked away by his managers before he could get to him. Damn! I was amazed he remembered that! My dad would die (again!) if he heard this story! 


And so, after exchanging memories and me gushing my brains out on how much I loved the movie, he finally put his autograph on my dad's posters. Man, if only my old man would see them now! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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