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A Not So Sour Sweetheart Names Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is the pop star of this generation. Her music resonates with a lot of the youth and she's even used her platform to fight for good causes. There were no artists like her during my generation and that's why I'm so glad that my daughter gets to have an idol like her as she grows up. I've certainly become a fan of hers myself! 

I don't necessarily regard myself as a "cool mom" but I am up to date with pop culture. Thank God for the internet, am I right? I know what my daughter is watching on TV, the music she's listening to, and more. When she gushed over Olivia Rodrigo during dinner one time, I couldn't help but be intrigued. When I listened to her music, I found it cute, but there was also depth to it. And before I knew it, I became just as big of an Olivia Rodrigo fan as my kid. 

When we heard that she'd be going to the American Music Awards, my daughter and I decided that we'd ask for her autograph then. She was able to get her hands on some posters of Olivia Rodrigo, a lot of them too! She told me that when Rodrigo would walk down the red carpet, we'll ask for her autograph. It wasn't my first time doing this sort of thing but it was the first with my daughter. And it was probably her first time too!

When the big night came, we all sorts of celebrities. There were many artists and celebrities that I didn't know of and some that I went crazy over during my youth who were still in the business. I honestly wanted to get their autographs too but I remembered that Olivia Rodrigo was our only purpose. And when she arrived, my daughter went ballistic. It was as if a switch turned on inside her brain that made her go haywire. It was adorable how excited she got but as her mother, it was also a little worrying too. 

It wasn't until we were face to face with the pop star that I, too, got pretty excited. Rodrigo is such a sweetheart, regardless of her album's title (LOL) and she blushed as we showered her with compliments. She couldn't believe that she had fans that were my age and she found it adorable that a mother-daughter pair like us bonded over her music. She wasn't faking it too. I felt her genuine appreciation. And when we asked her to sign our posters, she signed all of them. What a good kid! 

I'm sure that Olivia Rodrigo will reach greater heights sooner or later. And when it's time for her to retire, I'm sure my daughter and I, provided I'd still be alive then, would remain her loyal fans. 


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