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A Galaxy of Stars in "Jupiter Ascending"

Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, and Douglas Booth? Yes, please! Who'd have thought that "Jupiter Ascending" would have such an amazing cast? But then again, with the Wachowskis at the director's chair, anyone would want to star in such a movie. And boy what a doozy of a film it was! 

I'm so glad I went to the red carpet premiere for the film when I lived in LA for a time. I wasn't into going to these sorts of things all that much back then but when my buddy, who's an autographed hound, asked me to join him, I had no reason to say no. Especially since I was going to meet my dream girl, Mila Kunis. I've had a crush on her since her "That 70s Show" days and she's only gotten hotter. I never would've thought that I'd actually get to see her in person. 

With a star-studded cast at the forefront, it was surprising to see that the TCL Chinese Theatre, where the premiere was held, was such a mess that night. Fans were screaming all around, the photographers were shouting at the celebrities while taking pictures, and hosts of lifestyle news shows were scrambling to interview the stars of the movie. Man, it was such a riot. I always thought that these sorts of events were hectic just by seeing them on TV. But actually going to one in real life was even more chaotic than I ever imagined! 

Finally, after much anticipation, the stars started arriving one by one. As if I was in a rom-com, I saw Mila Kunis from a mile away and I was completely smitten. I mean, I was already into her before, but seeing her in real life was far better than I ever imagined. She looked gorgeous, sexy, yet elegant all at the same time. She was my ultimate dream woman, and meeting her in person made me fall for her all over again. I could barely even utter a word when my buddy asked her to sign the movie posters we brought. All I could do was smile sheepishly as she smiled back. Man, she's a goddess! 

Channing Tatum walked by after her. Seeing him in person, made sense why my sisters were always so crazy about him. The guy's handsome, I'll give him that. He was nice enough to sign our posters like Kunis. As was Eddie Redmayne too. Although he seemed hella nervous, he managed to sign all our posters just the same. He looked happy with his wife by his side and I imagined what it'd be like if that were me with Mila Kunis. Yeah, yeah, now I'm sounding like a loser but lay off! Let a guy dream! 

After that night, my buddy said he'd keep the posters for a little while before giving half to me. He told me he had another plan and that he wanted me to wait. After about a month or so, we met up again and he gave me my share of the posters. This time, they were actually signed by the Wachowskis. My jaw dropped at the sight of it and when I asked him again, he told me that they were, in fact, signed by the iconic directing duo. I then asked him how he managed to do that but all he replied was that it was a trade secret (whatever that means!). 

Anyway, as astounded as I was with that surprise, I was still transfixed with Mila Kunis' autograph. Well, hers and the other cast members too! Man, that was such a great night! I honestly do miss it. I wonder if I ought to get into autograph-hounding too? 

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