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How Partying with the Avengers Got Me Their Signatures

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Like many here, I'm a collector of priceless movie memorabilia. So imagine my excitement when I got the chance to work as an assistant manager for one of the many promotional events for "Avengers: Endgame." For legal purposes, I won't share here what it was, but long story short, I got to see practically most of the movie's stellar cast members. Even actors from previous movies were there, as well as the great Stan Lee (RIP!). Fortunately, a lot of them recognized me as I used to work on the movie sets as well. Connections, people! You gotta have ‘em! 

It was a soiree-type event, so in-between people buzzing on my ear and writing notes on my clipboard, I was able to chat up these A-list celebrities. And let me tell you, they're some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. Even when I worked with them during filming, it was rare to see a diva-type in this cast! But there were still some, don’t you think otherwise (and I’ll just keep my lips sealed about them from here on in!). 

Back to the party, I knew I was in with the in-crowd but I wanted to test how truly 'in' I was. So when these stars would rest a bit in our backstage lounge, I asked them to sign my "Age of Ultron" posters. I told them I contributed to this store which was why I had a lot with me that night. 

Turns out, I really was 'in' with them! Though I had to slightly push some of them to do it, most of the movie’s cast happily signed my multiple copies of the "Age of Ultron" poster! Some, and I won't say who, even wanted a cut of the profits! Here's to hoping they were just kidding! 

- Pete Simmons
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