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The Four Firecrackers from Great Britain

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You know, Great Britain has given us some of the best girl groups ever. Who could forget the Spice Girls? the Sugababes? and Girls Aloud? I don't know what is it about this country that creates iconic group after iconic group of talented women. And we get the privilege of seeing them grow.

And now, there's a new group in town: Little Mix! They're now one of the best new acts of this generation and they're on their way to getting to the level of the groups that came before them. They're four girls, Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and all are just as pretty and powerful as the next girl. They represent the girls of their time: unapologetically feminine, unafraid to be who they are, and more than ready to face the day. 

As a fan of girl groups, I decided to attend a meet-and-greet they held here at Los Angeles. I even brought a few posters for them to sign, some to give to my younger cousins (who worship the group) and some to sell here. Having met them in person, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how similar they are to their personas. It's easy to think that some of their quirks are gimmicks, but no! They really do seem like the girls who you see on-stage and on TV. 

The best part is they all signed my posters and were kind about it. I had a few copies of the same poster, and I asked all of them to sign each and every one. At first, I thought they'd go all diva on me and become super annoyed by such a request. But when I asked them, they all happily signed them. What a group indeed! 

For all of you music-lovers out there who miss girl groups, I suggest you follow this one. They're just as good as the classic ones we all grew up loving! 

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