Rockin' Out with Metallica!!!

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Ahh, there's nothing like rockin' out with your favorite band! When you enjoy music, especially when it's live, you get a sensation that you wouldn't believe! It's like your spirit is lifted and it wants to stay up in the air and enjoy the freedom. You almost lose control of your body too! 

In all my life, I've only enjoyed that sensation only a few times. One of the most memorable of which was when I went to a Metallica concert. Damn! Those guys know how to rock! I don't think there was a moment where the energy died down. From when they began to the wee hours of the morning when they finished, Metallica rocked out as if it was the end of the world. Well, that could have been the end of my world and I still would have enjoyed the night nonetheless! 

To be perfectly honest, however, the best part of the night for me was when I met them in person. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett & Cliff Burton—I met them all up close. And let me tell you, they're absolute legends. You'd think they'd be these a**hole divas that are stereotypical of stars in their caliber, but they're far from it. They were nice, polite, and completely accommodating. I even asked them to sign a few copies of the same poster and they happily obliged! 

For all you haters out there, maybe this will shed some light as to why Metallica fans are so proud of the band. They're simply one of the best artists ever! If you take the time to listen to their songs, you might find yourself rockin' out as well! 

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