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Never Underestimate Newcomers and TV Star

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story below:


I confess that I'm the type of autograph hound that goes for everyone. A-list, B-List, D-List—name any actor who's acted in the movies or on TV and I'll get their autographs. Give me tickets to any movie premiere and I'll go there for the sole purpose of getting the star's autographs. Even if the movie will be a B-movie. You just never really know whos careers will shoot up or rise up again. As did Christian Bale's and Eva Longoria's after they did "Harsh Times." 

At the time, Bale was experiencing a bit of a plateau in his career. While for Longoria, even though she was seeing success with "Desperate Housewives," she was still just a TV star. At the time, movie stars were still held at higher standards than TV stars. Still, I knew their autographs will still be worth something, so I attended the red carpet premiere of their film, "Harsh Times." It was, in fact, a great movie. So I knew getting their autographs then was a good decision. 

Bale was a gentleman, as usual. Regardless of however he sounds in recordings of his on-set rants, he's always the nicest person to his fans. He shook every hand, posed for cameras, and gave a big grin through it all. He might have been just acting as a nice guy, but hey, it was an Oscar-worthy performance in my book! What I'll most remember about that night was how surprised he was that I got a few copies of the movie—that was just premiering that night—already. I told him that people can actually get extra copies from any theater. He laughed it off and admitted that he didn't know that. 

Eva Longoria, on the other hand, was already a diva in her own right. And I don't mean the bitchy Mariah Carey-type. Longoria knew how beautiful and desirable she was (and still is!) so she used that to her full advantage. She had her hair done, wore a beautiful dress, and worked that red carpet like no other. It was an Instagram-worthy moment even before Instagram was invented. But what surprised me the most was how nice she is. I expected a snooty vibe from her but she was far from it. She happily signed my posters and gave me a big grin at the end of it. What a lady! 

So now, look where they are. One became one of the greatest Batman actors ever and the other has built herself her own Hollywood empire. And I got their autographs! 

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