Meeting Mulan Near Disneyland!

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No, I don't mean seeing the Mulan character in the theme park! I meant the actual actress who voiced Mulan in the original film! I met Ming-Na Wen when the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of the animated classic in the Anaheim Convention Center near Disneyland in California. 

Not only that, I met Lea Salonga too, her singing voice who sang "Reflection." She even performed the song that day, which got us all feeling the feels! This Disney and Broadway legend still got it! She sounds just like as she did twenty years ago! As did Ming-Na Wen, but her voice did mature a little, I must say. 

Anyways, it was your typical anniversary event. The animator and the cast talked about how it all went down. A lot of them explained the significance of the story, especially for the Asian-American community. And, as I've said earlier. Lea Salonga sang her heart out! It was all well and good but I was there mostly to get their autographs. I was most keen on getting Ming-Na Wen's cause she doesn't step out in public that often anymore. 

After waiting an hour or so in-line, I finally got to meet these legends. Let me tell you, talking to Ms. Wen was like talking to an older Mulan. And imagining the wisdom that the character must have accumulated over the years, it sent shivers down my spine. Ming-Na Wen was (and is) Mulan! There was no doubt about it! When she signed my posters, I secretly hoped she signed them as "Mulan." The same thing for Lea Salonga too! 

Finally, I got the cast's autographs. Just in time too, as when the live-action "Mulan" premieres, it's their signatures that I'll have to get next! 

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