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If Only I Got Spalding's Autograph Too! 

"Wilsooooooon!!" I'll never ever forget that famous line! "Cast Away" was one of my favorite films. It made me uncomfortable, scared that that might happen to me, but at the same time, I was amazed at how Tom Hanks was able to survive on a deserted island! 

I remember, back when the movie premiered, I went there with my friends. At that time they were crazy over celebs and wanted to get their autographs. You'd think they'd follow matinee idols like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt but no, they were most excited to see Tom Hanks, of all people. Well, I was too! I mean, the guy's a legend! Who wouldn't want to meet him. And only when I watched the film myself did I realize how lucky I was to have met him in person. 

For some reason, one of my friends got a hold of movie posters of "Cast Away" and decided that we'd get them signed by the cast. Although it was noisy and crowded, we endured waiting for the stars to arrive on the red carpet. And even when they did, we had to shout and scream to get their attention. Admittedly, it wasn't a pleasant experience at all. But the bonus was huge: meeting these A-list actors! 

When I was face-to-face with Helen Hunt, a woman I've only seen on the big screen at the time, it became clear to me that what I was doing at that moment was something I never would've dreamed would happen. Just like in her movies, she had a gentle beauty and grace about her, as well as a warm smile. When we asked for her autograph all she said was "Sure!" and signed all of our posters. It was incredible! 

The lead star of the film, Tom Hanks, was even more impressive in real life. He looked far from the bearded castaway he played on-screen; he looked clean, sharp, and was a total gentleman. My friend even pointed out how he rarely let go of his wife's hand throughout the red carpet event. Only when he signed what people gave him did he have to let it go. And yes, he did just that when we asked for his autograph too. In fact, his wife, Rita Wilson, was so nice, she even offered to help him hold up the posters as he signed each one. It's no wonder they're still happily married to this day! 

Now, we also got the rest of the cast to sign out posters but there was one I regret not getting, Wilson's! Haha! I kid! But anyway, no one can deny that, apart from Hanks, that blood-stained volleyball also stole the show! I even still have my own Wilson at my place too. 


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