I Never Know What I'm Gonna Get with Tom Hanks!

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I'm not usually into superlatives. Unless it's recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, I don't often agree that one man can be the most or the least of something. However, after meeting the great Tom Hanks, I honestly believe that he's probably the nicest guy in Hollywood. No doubt about that! 

I once worked as a PA for a director that worked on one of his films. And every time I saw him on set, he was incredibly kind and gracious to the people he encountered. He was the lead in this movie, mind you, and his supporting actors behaved more like the divas than the Oscar winner himself. Throughout the months when we were filming, he never once had a tantrum nor did he ever shout at anyone. My fellow PAs even told me that there's really no one like him in the industry. 

Years later, I decided to meet him again. And no, just because I worked him (as a measly PA no less), I suddenly had the power to meet him anytime I chose. He was just going to be a guest at a late-night talk show and my friend got me tickets to the taping. I wanted him to sign my posters of "Forrest Gump," something I wasn't able to do when we were working. 

As usual, he was his charming self with the talk show host. He charmed the pants off of every single one of us and it just further solidified my theory that he really is the nicest man in show business. But right after the show, I got a little shooked up. When he finally emerged from backstage at the stage door, I asked for his autograph. When I did so, he actually shunned me. I was so shocked because that wasn't the Tom Hanks I worked with before, let alone the charming actor I just saw on stage minutes prior.

But then suddenly, he turned around and said he was kidding. Not only that, but he also said that he recognized me from when we worked. Me! A mere PA during the film shoot. One of the most revered actors of our time actually remembered me. It was unbelievable. Still shocked at the thought, the then took my posters from me and signed each one. And throughout the rest of that night, I remained stunned! 

With the help of my autograph hound friends, I eventually got the rest of the "Forrest Gump" cast to sign my posters too. But I'm still so gobsmacked that Tom Hanks not only signed my posters, but he actually remembered working with me. You never really know what you're gonna get out of that Oscar winner, I'll tell you that! 

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