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Firemen Really Know How To Keep It Hot!

There really is something so sexy about firemen. I'm not one to sexually fantasize about certain professions myself but I have to admit that seeing a macho man in a fireman uniform tickles me inside. And because of that, I'm grateful for "Chicago Fire" for helping me watch that fantasy every week on TV. 

As the saying goes, "the clothes make the man," and for some in a fireman uniform, that's more than accurate. However, the cast of "Chicago Fire" already looked hot to begin with. Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Joe Minoso and David Eigenberg are already so dang attractive even without the fireman gloss. But, of course, when they appear on screen all hot and bothered (literally!), it always got me feeling the exact same way. On TV, they're fine as hell, but in real life? Their hotness is more than many can handle! 

Since I live in Chicago myself, I already knew that the show's many events would take place here, Heck, they already film here, so why not hold their red carpet premieres for the latest season here too! With luck and a lot of effort, I was able to procure tickets to the said premiere one year and planned to get their autographs. It's a good thing I'm part of a massive "Chicago Fire" fan club. One of my co-members from New York got me a few copies of the series poster. I planned to get them signed that night. 

Looking back at that night, it's a miracle I actually got their autographs to begin with. Not because I met them in person—most fans who got tickets to go to the premiere that night interacted with the cast—but because they were so hot, I would always lose myself. I remember talking to them and asking for their autographs, yes, but I also remember that I would space out a couple of times right in front of them. It's a good thing they didn't show their discomfort if they did feel that way. But I'm sorry, I just can't help it! They're so hot! 

Taylor Kinney, for instance, looked so sexy I had to bite my lip every time I looked at him. He was in a dark-colored suit and looked sophisticated and dapper but all I could think of was that he might be packin' underneath. Well, I've seen it countless times on the show (thank you for the fan service!) but to see it in person would be a whole other story. 

Meanwhile,  Jesse Spencer is such a prince in real life! His glorious smile, his bright eyes, and his hair of golden sunshine—he's a fairytale prince come to life.  Though personally, apart from Kinney and Spencer, I was most attracted to David Eigenberg! He'll always be 'Steve' from "Sex And The City" to me and I'm so glad he grew up to be a complete daddy now! 

All of their physical attractiveness was made even better with how accommodating they were with fans. Hence, I got their autographs with ease. For any of you fellow "Chicago Fire" fans out there, these are for you! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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