How I Got The Avengers to Assemble for the "Endgame" Posters

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Getting the autographs of most of the Avengers was one of the highlights of my life. To this day, it still shocks me that I was able to get them to sign this "Avengers: Endgame" poster! But how did I do it? Sit back and relax as I tell you how I managed to assemble the Avengers.

One of the biggest perks I have in this life is a cousin who works for one of the big suits who produce Marvel movies. As a huge fan, I couldn't resist getting into the action, seeing first-hand how these A-list celebrities do their thing in front of the camera. Now, my cuz could only get me as far with all sorts of odd jobs in and around the set. Once, I was a PA for a villain (won't say who so don't even ask!) and another time, I worked as part of the set crew.

One day, when most of the cast were on set during the filming of “Endgame”—it was for the big climactic battle scene (Spoiler alert! Though if this is still a spoiler for you, why are you even here!?)—and a lot of them were already tired mid-shoot. So I took my time, felt the room, and when I knew it was the right time, I went in for the kill. It probably took me about 17 hours in total to get all of their signatures. Needless to say, my mission was accomplished! 

I guess they liked the way I did it too, cause when I went back for them to sign other posters, they were more than willing to do so! So like Captain America, faith, patience, and a little luck is all you need to assemble the Avengers!

Here's another one I had signed:

- Pete Simmons

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  • Cool story guys. I love hearing about all the juicy, behind the scenes news!


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