Discovering My Mom's Days as a Groupie

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I've always wondered where I got my passion for music from. I always thought it was from my dad cause he was a huge Beatles fan. And my grandpa before him worshipped Bing Crosby. But upon close inspection of our family album one time, and a little trip to our storage room, I discovered that I got it from my mom! 

My mom was a groupie back when she was a teenager! She'd follow various bands when they'd tour her area. And she might have even dated a rock star or two! Damn, I wish I was that bold. I mean, I knew my mom was a tough cookie, but hearing the stories of her groupie days, it was as if she was talking about a completely different person. I, on the other hand, while a big fan of many bands, never really reached groupie status. 

I am grateful, though, that through her, I discovered a new band, Fleetwood Mac. It was one of the bands my mom used to chase all around town when they toured our city. They're not as big as some of the other stars she followed, but they were interesting nonetheless. And my mom thought so too. She showed me a stack of posters of the band's "Rumours" album cover and each and every one of them was signed. It was the truest testament to how passionate my mother really was in being a groupie! 

I urge you, people, out there in the big wide world! If you haven't heard of them yet, listen to Fleetwood Mac! They're insanely good! In fact, I won't be surprised that after listening to them, you'd want to buy one of my mom's old posters! 

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