An Evening with A Couple of Icons 

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A note to all you autograph hounds out there: always be friendly! Of course, you need to be friendly in order to get the actors to sign whatever you have with you. But also, you never know who you're going to meet. Sometimes, you might meet someone close to your idols. 

That's what happened with me and my now-brother-in-law Jake. At first, he was just my sister's boyfriend. Nothing special, I was polite to him because he was my sibling's man, but I never really felt I needed to befriend him. But when my sister pressured me to get close to him, I found out that he has a lot of friends... famous friends. 

Among those who stood out to me were members of The Who. that's right, Jake was friends with members of one of the most iconic bands of all time. In fact—and I think he did this to get me to like him—he invited me to a dinner where some of the members will attend. I warned him that I'm a huge The Who fan and that I will try to get their autographs. He reassured me that as long as I don't act like complete ass, that'll be fine. 

Off we went to this dinner. I wore my best suit and packed a few copies of The Who posters in a suitcase-like bag I brought. Did I look stupid? Yes. But did I care? Abso-effin-lutely not! And there, in this big mansion (that to this day I'm still confused as to whose it was), I saw Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend. With Jake's help, I played it cool, met them, made small talk, and in the end, got them to sign my posters. Jackpot! 

Now that my sister has married Jake, he promised me that I'll meet more stars of the same caliber in the near future. Stay tuned as to who I might meet next! 

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