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Why Patience is The Key to Autograph Collecting

Autograph collecting is serious business! There you are, walking up to some of the most famous people in the world, asking them to sign their autographs. From an outsider's perspective, it may seem easy. But little did you know that the autograph hound is just about ready to shit bricks waiting for the celebrity's response! It's nerve-wracking, to say the least! 

That's why you need absolute patience to do this. You can't just go at it thinking you'll succeed. Not every celebrity will just readily give you their autographs! And when they don't, you'll end up looking awkward as hell! Patience can help you avoid that. As well as guarantee that you'll succeed in autograph collecting. Don't believe me? Well, let me explain it more clearly. 

They're Not Always Gonna Give You Their Autographs

As I've mentioned before, not every celebrity will give you their autographs and there's nothing you can do about it. Some big stars are even notorious for it. What makes them famous—or rather, infamous—is that they don't give out any sort of fanservice. They just mind their own business and they expect you to do the same. But then, does that mean that hounding for autographs is a big waste of time? Not necessarily! Be patient with the process and you'll meet celebrities who will happily sign whatever you're handing to them. Don't let the celebrities who don't give out autographs ruin this fun hobby for you. If you're passionate about it, then work harder at it! 

The Right Event Will Come Along

You know the saying, "There's a time and place for everything," right? Well, it best applies to autograph collecting. For instance, say you spot Julia Roberts on her way out of a Starbucks. She's wearing bug sunglasses and a large hat in an obvious attempt to go unnoticed. As a fan, you'd want her autograph, right? But does she look like she wants that sort of attention? Definitely not! She's just on a Starbucks run, for pete's sake! Let the woman enjoy her coffee in peace! Patience is knowing that, even though she's right in front of you, now's not the time to hound her. Wait for red carpet events and meet-&-greets! She'll readily flash her famous big-ass smile for you then, all while she's signing her autograph for you!

Wait for The Right Moment

Even if you're in the right event, hounding for autographs is still all about timing. You can’t just go up to a celebrity willy-nilly and expect them to just sign what you have. At times, you can't even do that! At red carpet events, for instance, the stars will be too busy posing for the cameras. You have to wait for them to be done and then they'll approach the fans. And the moment that they do, ready your notebooks, posters, CDs, or whatever it is you brought. Oh, prepare your voice too. If there are a lot of fellow fans around you, it's gonna be a bloodbath to get the celebrity's attention. Will you come out on top? 

Don't Annoy The Celebrities

Above everything else, exercising patience will help you not annoy celebrities. Even if it's the nicest star in the world—think Tom Hanks or Keanu Reeves—if you hound them too persistently, you'll get on their nerves. That's the worst thing an autograph hound can do. Your aim is to get them to sign their autograph. If you rush into it at the wrong moment, you'll never get it. You might even be blacklisted in certain events too! And if that happens, you can kiss your autograph collecting goodbye! 

Patience is a virtue. But more than that, it can also guarantee that your favorite celebrity will give you their autograph. Take it from a veteran autograph hound such as myself. This game is all about practicing patience!  

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